BODYSTEP 64 Sizzler

Linking the new class to the recommended health target of 10,000 daily steps is a great promotion for BODYSTEP - and a very visible demonstration of its high exercise content. We've counted 5,600 steps in the new release and we're suggesting members get themselves an inexpensive pedometer to check their total and progress towards the 10,000 total. Meanwhile, we've produced a class that early feedback already rates as one of the best ever.

BODYSTEP 64 is a hugely athletic workout with a great mix of classic rock songs and current chart toppers. Start Me Up is an awesome warm-up that taps into the current wave of Rolling Stones fever and gets you moving from the get-go. And the highlights just keep on coming. Check out the jazz-showtime feel in the step orientation, the basketball theme in the mixed strength track (shoot some hoops to Slam Dunk!) and the Mexican cha-cha-cha in the party step.

Southern Light's Great Gosh A'mighty has a fun gospel theme and regular steppers will welcome back the walking hover in the conditioning - it's great for promoting core stability and upper body strength.