BODYSTEP 65 Sizzler

There's a bit of a rock feel to the new class, with songs from the 80s right through to the current top 40. The opening track gets you hooked from the start. You'll feel like a pop star walking the red carpet as you warm up with the Rhythm Twins' When Will I Be Famous.

Strong armlines and the return of the Rocker are important features of the step warm-up; then rev it up and really get moving to the KopyKatz high octane remake of the Cars classic Just What I Needed.

The highlights keep on coming with Southern Light's Be Good Johnny for the power peak and watch out for the new back tap and lift combo in the step recovery that's guaranteed to tone and shape the glutes.

The music is Dirrty! Class members will love the combative flavour of the jabs and knee lifts in the third power peak - they won't realise how hard they've been working until they hit the finale pose at the end.