BODYSTEP 66 Sizzler

Changing the orientation of the step platform creates a huge scope for new choreography in the new class and Mark and Lisa have taken full advantage of the new innovation.

This release is full of novelty, while retaining all the energy and athleticism that steppers demand. Members will get a real buzz of anticipation when they start the new class with a cue to turn the step the "long" way round. The stepping has a new feel but it's quickly mastered with good coaching and the upbeat rhythm of a great AC/DC cover song to set the mood.

No new moves in tracks 2 or 3 but lots of great stepping through the step warmup to the Kelly Clarkson chart-topper, Walk Away, and the Step Orientation with Hitchin' A Ride.

Steppers hit their first peak in track four with the ultra-energetic I've Got the Music In Me, then return the bench to the horizontal position for the rest of the class.

The challenge for the next track is to get low in the legs for the new half-stomp and skater knee combo. Time to get vocal with a remake of Def Leppard in the second peak - singers will shout the house down here - then drop back for some active recovery with Christina.

There's jazz feel in the side tap and chance for performers to strut their stuff. Enjoy the pivot turn in the Party Step and then check out the new speed T stomp. You can really boost your cardio output here while having fun with Love is a Contact Sport.

Track 10 will leave you shattered but on a huge fitness "high" - just what you need to tackle the new walking plank move in the fully optioned conditioning track.