BODYSTEP 68 Sizzler

The release opens with the OneZeroOne hit, New Sensation, and that's just what steppers will feel as they hook into the smoothly flowing choreo and a playlist to suit all tastes. There are a lot of opportunities to let loose and have fun with the uplifting music - but there's a big workout factor to match, so be prepared!

The tougher tracks have three levels of intensity to suit everyone from the novice to the super-fit. Mark and Lisa have had great feedback on the changed step orientation introduced to BODYSTEP 66 and they've brought it ack again for the new release. As well as keeping the step class fresh, this also gives instructors the opportunity to mix and match tracks from releases that have the same step orientation.

There's definitely a tougher leg focused work out in the new lrease and steppers will feel this in Track 2 with the Tap Downs, Track 4 with the freeze knees, Track 5 with the leg-focused moves and Track 6 with the Easy Walks and Jump Squats. There's also plenty of opportunity for 'Work & Play' in Track 3 with the Repeater & Walk Around Combo, Track 5 with the break dancing feel of the track, Track 7 with the Knee Lift and March Combo and Track 8 with the Strut Combo and the Mambo Chasse.

Musically, there's something for everyone in BODYSTEP 68. Highlights include Queen's Another One Bites The Dust, Sheena Easton's Strut, Justin Timberlake's My Love and Beyonce's Deja Vu - to name just a few.