BODYSTEP 69 Sizzler

Get ready to reach new heights in BODYSTEP 69. It's simple, strong and athletic and a perfect class for hooking newcomers into the program. The music is bright and colourful, with something for everyone and there's a big focus on lateral movement for strengthening the hips, legs and heart.

The warm up track Are You Ready is a great song to get things started. It's an uplifting sound with upbeat lyrics to get the members quickly into the BODYSTEP groove. Sing along to Everyone's A Winner as we move around the step in track 3. The guitar instrumentals combined with the gallop move are a highlight and get the class into overdrive. The energy kicks in from the first beat.

Feel the burn as the legs are worked and the butt sculpted to Fergalicious in track 5. There are lots of side to side moves to fire up the muscles. Then we jump into our power peak track and train laterally to the song Jump.

Check out the new "running man" move in track 7. Appropriately, the song is MC Hammer's Too Legit To Quit and the 'hip hop' style provides a great, fresh feel. Have fun with our most requested song Candyman for the speed step track and then rock it to the final peak with Keep Your Hands Off My Girl.

The main move in the conditioning track is the push up, side tap combo. It's great for upper body and core strength. 'Turn It Up' with BODYSTEP - the workout that makes your feel alive!

The BODYSTEP education session identifies and teaches the highlights and objectives of the new class.