BODYSTEP 70 Sizzler

BODYSTEP is celebrating its 70th release - that's seventeen and a half years of stepping! To mark the 70th class, we've got a retro 70s theme going on. It's a great workout and lots of fun.

The music in this release is fantastic! Enjoy tracks from the 70s - Play That Funky Music, Shake Your Groove Thing - as well as a good mix of songs from the 80s, through to today's top 40 hits including Fall Out Boy's This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race. You'll want to groove and sing along during the whole class!

BODYSTEP 70 is all about the strong butt and thigh workout. You'll really notice this when you hit tracks 5, 7 and 11 which feature simple, functional moves that strengthen, tone and really work the lower body. There's a new move in track 5. It's called the Half Stomp and Side Leg Lift Combo. It's great for activating the glutes and hip stabilisers in the Side Leg Lift and the constant load in the legs really makes the quads work.

Look for the innovation in Track 11 where the height of the step can be taken to three risers! Lunges are done on the higher step to train the legs and the glutes harder. Watch out for the new move in Track 10 - the Spinner Repeater, an option for advanced steppers. The move works and feels great with the lyrics of U Drive Me Crazy.

Get your groove and have fun celebrating BODYSTEP 70!

BODYSTEP 70 education session has some great ideas to re-launch the special 1970s-themed release and recreate the magic that appears in the Masterclass DVD.