BODYSTEP 71 Sizzler

BODYSTEP 71 is a hot release inspired by a dance theme while still being an athletic workout. Musical contrast is a big feature with something for everyone! The mix includes Modern Rock, 90s' Rap, Hip Hop, Top 10 Pop, R'n'B and even Heavy Metal. It's a high-energy, results-orientated workout with dance-inspired flavor injected to some familiar BODYSTEP moves.

New move the Running Woman in Track 5 is teamed with super cool track Rok Da House. Hip Hop is in 'da house' again in Track 7 - you'll get to break out the Running Man this time to Run DMC.

Get ready to rock in Track 6 with Ozzy Osbourne - the powerful song and lyrics will help the class reach their second peak. Here, advanced steppers are treated to a new move, the L-Split Shuffle Combo. Track 8 is a real highlight and also mentally challenging as four moves are combined to make up the Dance Floor Combo! By the end of the track you'll be able to let loose and have fun.

The Speed Step is all about tequila but you'll need your wits about you for the Swirl Knee & Run Around Combo. Get ready to bust out your best 'Thriller Arms' during Track 11 and load that step up with three risers for lunging if you're game!