BODYSTEP 72 Sizzler

Calling all you boy and girl racers, all mamas and those of you who like to be footloose and fancy-free - BODYSTEP 72 is a release for you! It's an athletically challenging workout that experienced steppers will love. New steppers have plenty of options and will be hooked instantly!

There are three themes in this release. There's a reference to Mama in Tracks 1 - I Got It From My Mama, 2 - Mama and 7 - Like This Like That. It's a great opportunity to celebrate all you mamas out there!

The footloose theme runs through Track 8 - Footwurkin' and Track 9 - the popular Footloose. Make sure you bust out your best Kevin Bacon move from the film of the same name. Fast cars are the third theme, with references to cars or driving in Tracks 4 - Crash, 6 - Shut Up & Drive and 10 - Flirt. You'll hear car doors slamming, tires screeching and engines revving throughout the class.

Another musical highlight is Vogue. You'll be able to move with vogue attitude in the Tap Downs after working your legs and glutes in the feature move, the Jump Squat. Look forward to the return of the Funky Twist, the 2-Knee Repeater & Jack Combo and the new Aeroplane balance move which improves balance and stability.