BODYSTEP 73 Sizzler

Get ready for an awesome stepping workout with BODYSTEP 73. There's a great mix of infectious music that'll get your class moving, singing and sweating. You'll feel all the benefits of strong stepping in this release. The feedback from trial classes was that it definitely delivers on the promise of a great cardio and butt and thigh workout.

The real essence of BODYSTEP is strongly reflected in a great playlist and, of course, the athleticism of the workout.

The highlights just keep coming - from the fun Bootylicious Warmup through to the physical and emotional high you get as you hit the first peak in Track 4, using high or low-impact options. There's nothing like a screaming diva track to get everyone feeling liberated and working hard, and Queen Of The Night is no exception. Believe me, this song will make you just want to leap and bound to new heights.

Watch out for the Mixed Strength Track with The Hitman. This is a tough track that works the lower body and keeps the cardio rate elevated at the same time. And check out the Nutcracker in the Power Peak Track. It's a great power move which feels strong in this grunty Rock classic, We're Not Gonna To Take It. Use this track to challenge your cardio fitness and improve your hip strength with the lateral training.

There's a huge variety in the music and moves to come and you'll finish with a smile on your dial!