BODYSTEP 74 Sizzler

Speed Racers take your marks, get ready, GO! You'll zoom through BODYSTEP 74 with some hot new moves, cool new sounds and plenty of tough lower body work to really rev your engine!

There's a new move in Track 4 - the Revolving Door. This has the same footwork as a Basic Step but you rotate around the step. Track 5 really works the legs and butt with lots of jumping on top of the step to the old-school sounds of Boom! Shake The Room.

Move with control and let the music speak in Track 6 which is a simple, athletic track that really makes you want to drive like a maniac! You'll be able to use the sounds of the cars racing and the Speed Racer story to excite and motivate your class to work hard. The lyrics 'Go speed go' will drive your participants to their personal best.

The two combinations in Track 8 - Chasse Around The Step and Swivel Combo - will keep you on your toes before powering into the Speed Step. Listen for Speed Racer making a surprising return at the end of Track 10 to race you to the finish line!

Look for a fresh way to challenge your butt and core in Track 11 with three new moves - the Hip Opener Combo, the Heel Drop and the Oblique Reach!

And you-re going to love our bonus Christmas track which will definitely spread some festive cheer to your BODYSTEP participants