BODYSTEP 75 Sizzler

Get ready to rock with BODYSTEP 75! With rock music, attitude, strength and energy, you'll be ready to crowd-surf by the end of the release. There's something for everybody, great oomph and strong bass beats to motivate you through the athletic tracks and you'll have fun with the party and flava tracks. A 'World' theme also runs through some of the songs, reminding you that people all over the world are getting into BODYSTEP! This theme kicks off in the warmup when the lyrics of Can You Feel It talk about the different cities around the world, as well as energy, power and passion. What a way to start the workout! Classic rock song Walk This Way introduces flava into track 3as you power march around the step with attitude and increase the intensity with bigger moves, before you free your mind in the propulsive leg extension & jog combo in track 4.

Despite what the Rolling Stones say, you'll definitely be feeling satisfaction with your luscious legs and beautiful butts after doing track 5 with the travelling squat tap and the squat tap, knee & reverse basic step combo. Be the wild-child rock groupie cheering on your favorite rock star in track 6. You'll be pumping your fist in the air to Carla Cross' Start All Over, before getting some cardio recovery and great-looking legs in track 7. Loads of repeaters mean you really feel the burn!

There's some country flava in track 8 which comes from the country kick - you'll want to put on your braces and hook your thumbs underneath them - yee-har! Have fun with the hillbilly pivot - think Beverly Hillbillies or Dukes of Hazard styles. Get ready to move fast in track 9 to Holiday with the freeze knee around the world & jog combo, before trying out the new down tap & repeater combo in track 10. Get a well-deserved recovery in track 11 while you train the legs and work on balance with the lunge & rear lift combo and the Rear Elevated Lunge! BODYSTEP 75 - it's all about rock!