BODYSTEP 77 Sizzler

Join the BODYSTEP team to raise breast cancer awareness in your club with BODYSTEP 77. It's an opportunity to celebrate our cancer survivors and those who fought hard and lost the battle.

This release is a mix of explosive cardio, endurance work and dance flava - you'll get a taste of the flava in Track 2 with Swinger Arms and Cha Cha Chas to Alesha Dixon's Boy Does Nothing. Lift the energy in the Turn Steps in Track 3! There is a new move - Walk the Plank. You'll get a taste of hardcore bootcamp-style training in Track 4 with new move the Half Burpee. It will leave you gasping for breath! But don't worry - it's not as scary as it looks. Go low with The Skater in Track 5 to engage the gluteals. You'll travel in three directions in the Drop Squat Combo, before releasing the energy in the Single Across the Tops in Track 6. Jessica Mauboy's Burn sums up Track 7 well because the Lunge and Squat Combo is going to make your legs and butt - you guessed it - burn! Have some fun with the Funky Twister Dance and the Cha Cha Cha Combo in Track 8 before getting your dance moves on to De-Grees' version of Lady Gaga's Just Dance. You'll love the swinging jive flavour in Track 9. Watch out for the new move - the Hop Kick Combo. Go hard in Track 10 - this is five minutes of pure energy, power and endurance. It's all about contrast - work up high with the Taps and get down low with the Squats.