BODYSTEP 79 Sizzler

BODYSTEP™ 79 brings Latino and South Pacific vibes, cardio peaks that will push your heart rate through the roof and possibly the most intense leg burn yet.

We've got Boom Boom Pow in Track 1 to really get you warm. Track 2 will have you singing along like a diva to the Freemasons' mix of Whitney Houston's Million Dollar Bill. Check out the new arm combo - you'll feel like a pop star on MTV.

You'll move around the step with some Spanish flava in Track 3. Move like a 'Torero' (bullfighter) or a Flamenco dancer. Tease the bull in the Gallops, then celebrate and wave your hands in the air as you Walk Around The Step.

Let's Get Excited in Track 4. Look out for the surprise Madonna moment!

Moonwalk through Track 5 to Blood On The Dance Floor. This is our tribute to the King of Pop. You'll work your lower body, toning and shaping the legs. Add flava by striking a pose each time you hear him scream!

Start working your way up to the tough cardio peak in Track 6. Squat Jumps, Double Jumps, Nutcrackers - Nod Ya Head if you're gasping for breath already! The low options are there if you need them. Watch out for the great new move in Track 7, the Step Jump. This is propulsion training at its highest! Get up even Higher in Track 8 with some Latino flava. Push the ceiling in the Pony Step and stay low to the floor in the Chasse.

I Got A Girl in Track 9 is a super-quick Speed Step Track for the boys. Get your feet moving double time with the new Zigzag Combo.

The King of Pop is still in the building with the cover of Smooth Criminal in the first part of Track 11. This is possibly the most intense leg burn to date! Grit your teeth and focus on the finish line. Then, check out the Pulsing Push Ups - you asked for a tough Core Track!

Add some South Pacific flava to your Cooldown - Language by New Zealand artist Annie Crummer.

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