BODYSTEP 80 Sizzler

We're celebrating 20 years of BODYSTEP™ people. Can you believe it?

BODYSTEP™ 80 is packed with singalong 80's remakes, karaoke moments, leg warmers and fluoro colors. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, it's also fun, athletic and a seriously tough workout.

First up, we get Respectable with the Mel & Kim Arm Combo. If you're too young to remember the original, check out YouTube for inspiration.

Warm the stepping muscles to the familiar 80s' riff of Track Two's Goodbye with its strong focus on correct technique and clean arm-lines.

Get low and explore the pyramids, then stomp through the sand storms as you Walk Like An Egyptian in Track Five. There are some great imagery opportunities to help you train the lower body.

Slip on a headband as we join the kids from Fame in Track Seven, and get ready for a mix of work and play as you catch your breath. Focus on correct knee alignment and Fame fun in the Hip Extensions. BODYSTEP™ is gonna live forever!

Yee-haw! In Track Nine, grab your cowboy hat for a Hoedown Throwdown Speed Step. Then, simple powerful moves in Track 10 will help everyone hit that final cardio peak. Don't Call Me, call BODYSTEP™!