BODYSTEP 81 Sizzler

Simple, fun and physically challenging – the extended blocks of choreography in BODYSTEP™ 81 make mastering all the moves a breeze, so you can just get down to the business of workin' it!

Following the straight-up, athletic warmup where 3 really is the magic number, you'll get straight into strutting your stuff, cha-cha-cha-ing away to the aptly titled flava-filled track, Ego. Then it's time to bring out the Mexican Wave in Track 3 ... of course, creating your own stylized wave is a must!

You’ll put your legs Under Pressure in Track 5 to get the ultimate lower body workout, before upping the cardio intensity and unleashing the Nutcracker to the catchy chanting of No Sleep. Here, the extended blocks of choreography make it simple to get the moves perfect.

After catching your breath during the Track 7 recovery, you won’t be able to help letting your hair down, showing off your sneakers and adding your own flair for the ultimate party track, Sneakernight. Next up, embrace 1940s Swing, bring out the jazz hands and retain the intensity with vigorous footwork, before getting On A Mission for the final cardio peak.

As things come to a close, you Keep Your Body Working with a focus on leg strength and balance, and then Louboutins provides the perfect soundtrack for working the abs with the walking plank.