BODYSTEP 84 Sizzler

If you're after a BODYSTEP™ workout like no other... here it is!

Designed to spike the heart rate, shock the body and get you fitter faster, BODYSTEP™ 84 is a 55 minute cross training extravaganza that will get your heart pumping from the word go.

Launching straight into the party with the sing-a-long sounds of Getting Over You and Start Without You you'll get thoroughly warm before stepping inside a 1990s nightclub for a heart-rate rising Track 3. Next up the unadulterated athletic training of Track 4 combines the Boxers Pulse and Burpees (the ultimate cross training exercise) and seriously ups the intensity - so attack it with a whole heap of "GRRRRRR"

The mixed strength combo of Track 5 will bring the heart rate down a little, but that doesn't mean you lose the party feeling - there's plenty of opportunity to get your arms up high and get those fists pumping!

Following the intense blood shunting cardio in the power peak and the quad and glute work during Track 7, it's time to pick up your drumsticks and party on to the catchy sounds of Drummer Boy. And then things get a little mischievous as you up the pace for a cheeky speed step number set to Hanky Panky.

As the intensity hits an all time high, you launch into a power peak with a difference! This means embracing the pulsating beats of Rockstar 101 as you use the step for some intense cardio work - and then grabbing a weight to spike the heart rate and take the workout to a whole new level!