BODYSTEP 85 Sizzler

Welcome to the BODYSTEP™ 85 Revolution! With this release you have the option to choose your usual kick-butt BODYSTEP™ workout, or push your class to another level with the new format - featuring an Athletic Circuit track that will definitely spike heart rates and get your people fitter, quicker. So let's get into it!

You'll get to know your step as you warm your body before launching into some serious athletic and fun training. Track 4 will have your lungs screaming with the new Scissor Combo, and if you want great legs, you have to work for them - you'll all be Sure Fire Winners when you get to the end of this track!

In the Party Step track, you get to choose to be a little naughty or nice as you Show Me How You Burlesque before channeling some Spanish flair, striking Tango Poses in the Speed Step. Then get ready for the Real Things in Track 10, and feel your heart rate peak to the fast-paced Speed Tap.

For Track 11 you'll need a weight - either a 5kg or 10kg plate - and while you get some cardio recovery, you'll work your shoulders, legs and core to the sounds of an Uprising.

Instructors can now replace Tracks 8 and 9 with the new BODYSTEP™ Athletic Circuit - it's 7 minutes of high intensity interval training that will send your heart rate through the roof and includes the Weighted Squat, Power Jump and the ultimate total-body workout move, the Burpee.

Get ready to sweat, because this ain't no dance class!