BODYVIVE 3 Sizzler

BODYVIVE is getting a big 'thumbs up' from members as we continue the worldwide rollout. Especially popular is the overall feel-good nature of the classes, together with the community and interactive elements, the classic music from yesteryear and the distinctive, targeted exercise blend.

BODYVIVE 3 is now set to fuel further take-up in gyms, with some structural adjustments providing a more smoothly flowing class. Heart fitness and functional strength tracks are now grouped together, with the tai chi and yoga track setting up the transition between the two main blocks. The new class warms up with easy moves to the sound of John Paul Young's Love is in the Air and moves up a geat with VIVE ball work and the classic How Sweet It Is from James Taylor.

Members get to practice their mambos and cha cha chas' in the new dance cardio track; then step it out together for some interactive fun with the Jackson Five hit, Can You Feel It, from circa 1980. Everyone works hard with Amii Stewart's Knock On Wood - motivation's not a problem for this final heart fitness track - and there's a real good feeling about the arabesques and the T-shirt strip as we calm things down with tai chi and Fleetwood Mac.

Functional strength tracks focus sequentially on balance and leg strength, upper body strength and hips strengthening, before Christina Aguilera and friends and Simply Red take the stage to take us through the remaining core work. Finally, we get to "release and restore" with the Moody Blues' dream rock classic Nights in White Satin.