BODYVIVE 4 Sizzler

BODYVIVE 4 is about simple moves and providing lots of options for members to have fun and a great workout - whatever their fitness level. There's a great disco feel running through the class with moves from Saturday Night Fever and The Brooklyn Hustle seeting the scene.

Again, the music is a big crowd pleaser and the new release kicks off withIf You Could Read My Mind. This will be an instant winner with class members who remember the original Gordon Lightfoot hit. Memories come flooding back again with Boogie Nights and the old-school Grapevine move.

Everyone gets up close and personal with a partner in track 4 where we work on heart fitness. I Was Made For Loving You motivates the class to use a full range of movement in the legs. The zen archery-inspired bow and arrow move makes a BODYVIVE debut in the tai chi and yoga track where we chill out to the smooth sounds of the Floaters.

Members will love the challenge of the functional strength tracks. They have great options for everyone and target hips, triceps, shoulders and back to build strength and improve mobility. The Shot Put is another new move focused on shoulders, arms and back strength in track 9.

Get ready to groove with BODYVIVE 4. You choose your workout level and finish fizzing with energy!