BODYVIVE 5 Sizzler

"High Vives" for BODYVIVE 5! This release is about fitness, fun and being free to be.

Musically, it's a blast and it features creative new moves that members will love. Get your groove on in Boogie Wonderland and blow the roof off with YMCA (choreography courtesy of Les Mills - not the Village People!); then sing along to Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out For A Hero and Ben E King's Stand By Me.

Barry Manilow's Copacabana is the dance track and it's imperative all participants imagine themselves sipping pina coladas with feathers in their hair! The track finishes with a conga line so get ready to shake it!

There are two great new moves in this release: the Lying Bicep Curl and the Assisted Hover. The Lying Bicep Curl features in the first strength track and maximses the curl benefits while minimising bad form. You'll have to wait to Track 10 for the Assisted Hover which trains the deep abdominal muscles.

Think of the Back Care track as being similar to a trip to the zoo with the Down Dog, Cat Stretch, Bear Pose and Horse Stance Pointer!

The class will reap the benefits of improved heart fitness, great functional strength and a stronger core. Get ready for some fun in BODYVIVE 5.