BODYVIVE 6 Sizzler

BODYVIVE 6 mixes simplicity of movement and senational sounds to produce a truly benefits-based workout for everyone! There are just two to three moves in each track, so both new and seasoned participants will be able to achieve optimal results.

Tai Chi inspired breathing move, the Butterfly, starts the class and is used a number of times throughout BODYVIVE 6. You'll see the Butterfly again in Track 6 where we use it to calm our body and mind and focus on the inward breath.

There's fun to be had while doing the Loco-Motion in Track 2 which features the Double Walking Lunge - a great functional move. The Locomotion Arms will help connect your core and lift your heart rate. Line dancing to Man! I Feel Like A Woman is definitely a highlight - the simple choreography means you can really get into the track.

Train both the front and back of the legs well in ZZ Top's Legs and swing those hips Latino style to J-Lo's Let's Get Loud. The Balance and Leg Strength Track is dance inspired with new moves and VIVE tubing options that mimic ballet barre work. This is great for coordination, balance and glute strength.

Watch for the two new moves in the Ab Strength Track - the Roller Ball and the Pilates 8. Both these moves are extremely effective at targeting the abs. This release is finished how is was started - with the beautiful Butterfly.