BODYVIVE 7 Sizzler

Set sail on the Love Boat with BODYVIVE? 7! You?re going to love the nautical theme that runs through most of the tracks - in the song title, the singer?s name or what you might do if you were sailing on the sea! This release is full of musical memories and new moves to keep improving heart fitness, functional strength and a strong and stable core.

Look forward to innovations - the Side Step & Rise in Track 2 and the Dynamic Lunge with Knee Lift in Track 4. This is great for strengthening the quadriceps and gluteal muscles as well as improving balance. The Side Lunge Shoulder Press and Standing Tricep Extension in the Functional Strength track really work the muscles of the shoulder, resulting in a strong, stable joint and whole integrated body strength.

You?re going to love the music! Jump with the Pointer Sisters, rock out to Smoke On The Water and groove to the smooth, sweet sounds of the All Saints- Pure Shores. Another musical highlight is Waterloo - selected due to popular request. You'll finish BODYVIVE 7 feeling restored, revived and buzzy!