BODYVIVE 9 Sizzler

The soundtrack to this release is the best yet! Featuring hits such as Pat Benatar's All Fired Up, Fever by Peggy Lee and Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love, you'll be singing all the way through this release.

The lyrics in the songs inspire the moves which in turn will allow you to -Team Teach With The Music with ease! Also, at your request, we have choreographed the first five tracks with no stops - to keep people moving, engaged and their heart rates up.

Again there's a new move in Track 2 - The Wood Chop. This exercise stretches and strengthens across the core by connecting glutes to lats across the back and obliques to adductors across the front. And it feels great!

You'll be all fired up in Track 5 which is all about levels and directions to drive you right to the end of the cardio segment before relaxing into the Eagle Pose in Track 6 - the calm after the storm!

Track 8 features upper body, biceps/triceps work that rivals BODYPUMP so watch out. But no pain, no gain! There are two new moves in Track 9 - the Side Leg Lift, which promotes strength, stability and is great for your hips, and Around The World. This targets the muscles around the leg from back to front.

The back is worked differently in Track 11 as you're not lying down. A new move, the Kneeling Waiters Bow, also works the shoulders and back of the body beautifully.

There is an emphasis in BODYVIVE 9 on upper spine conditioning and strengthening which ties in with the setup and maintenance of GREAT POSTURE throughout the class and in daily life.

You might as well face it - you're addicted to BODYVIVE!