BODYVIVE 10 Sizzler

What better way to celebrate 10 BODYVIVE releases than with a party! The release is kicked off with the fitting track Celebration by Kool & The Gang. There are no tricky moves in this track so once you've set up clear directions, get the party started!

There's no stopping until the Heart Fitness block is over and this really gets your motor running! But the music and moves are so awesome that chances are you won?t even notice. Technotronic's Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over) has you moving your body with Hamstring Curls and Squats and you'll be twisting and singing along to the 'na na nahs' in Wilson Pickett's Land Of 1000 Dances. Before you know it you'll have Powerwalked and Scoop-Stepped your way through Dan Hartman's Instant Replay.

The final intensity in the Heart Fitness block is built through three levels in Track 5. The Knee Repeaters, 2-Steps Side and Skater move will push you to your limits and you'll feel euphoric having reached your potential. Remember - you were born to be wild!

Catch your breath in Track 6 as you move into the Functional Strength block. Look forward to the new move - the Assisted Side Stretch. Squats feature once again in Track 7, building leg and butt strength. You'll feel the burn in the intense shoulder and back workout in Track 8 as you sing along to Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer.

You only have to tie yourself up once in Track 9 and there's just one rule - and that's to keep the tension on the VIVE- tube at all times! Destiny's Child will have you feeling Bootylicious and ready to take on anything!

Shirley Bassey's cover of The Beatles' Something is the perfect way to release, restore and congratulate yourself on giving it your all in this BODYVIVE celebration release!