BODYVIVE 13 Sizzler

BODYVIVE™ 13 has a sporty feel with simple choreography that will make you get the most out of your workout. Have fun with the new Boxing moves in Track 5 and look out for the new back exercise for GREAT POSTURE in Track 8.

Play That Funky Music focuses on strong legs with the Squat & Hamstring Curl Combo. You’ll use your VIVE™ ball to engage the upper body as well.

Track 3 is a real classic – Earth, Wind & Fire’s September. Have fun with the Disco moves that will lift the intensity to new heights.

Get ready to stride across the room in the empowering Track 4! The anthem No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) will push you to your limits in the Squat with VIVE™ ball throw.

Your heart rate will climb even higher with the Boxing theme in Track 5. Activate your abdominals and hit the target with new move the Fighting Knee!

The Tai Chi & Yoga Track has an Electric Feel to it. Use the floating waltz move to recover, then extend and lengthen your body before getting down with the Balance & Leg Strength exercises to Five’s If Ya Gettin' Down. The combination of one-legged balance work and upper body work will really challenge you to push your limits.

There’s a new move in Track 8 – you’ll be working your upper body and back, holding the VIVE™ tube in a different way. Step on the handles and grab the tube with an underhand grip to work on GREAT POSTURE.

Track 9 is all about getting sexy hips! Push through the resistance of the VIVE™ tube to Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack.

Lisa Stansfield’s classic This Is The Right Time will take you through the Ab Strength Track. Single and Double Leg Extensions are in the house! The options are there if you need them.

Track 11 features Pushups – for the first time ever in a BODYVIVE™ release! Using the VIVE™ ball, you’ll work at your own intensity level. The Bow & Arrow using the VIVE™ tube will work your upper back and build a strong posture. Then Release & Restore to the beautiful words of Because You Loved Me.