BODYVIVE 15 Sizzler

BODYVIVE™ 15 is a fully-fledged teenager with heaps of energy and plenty of strong, powerful, easy-to-learn moves that deliver great leg strength, toning and conditioning. It's even got a bit of a sting in the tail courtesy of a butt-burning Beyoncé track!

As you'd expect, there's no shortage of singalong tracks - the only question, is which one will you be humming all afternoon? Guaranteed to get under your skin is Track 3's Shake Your Groove Thing - show us how you do Dance Cardio now!

It's a Perfect Day in Track 5 so drop the VIVE™ ball and enjoy the freedom while you work your class to a cardio peak. Track 6 takes us through Tai Chi & Yoga with three BODYVIVE™ Sun Salutations. Minute By Minute you will feel length and strength in the Down Dog as your heart rate lowers.

Track 9 and you'll find yourself Crazy In Love with some challenging innovations in Functional Strength - it's intense but it's worth it! Then it's time to Push Up with the Freestylers in Track 11 and, believe me, we do (!) with 30 Pushups in three blocks of 10.