BODYVIVE 16 Sizzler

There are options galore with plenty of accessible moves for newcomers and high-intensity alternatives to challenge the most experienced participants too. We've highlighted the options with one presenter demonstrating the easier moves for beginners throughout the Masterclass.

We've also taken your BLAH feedback on board and deliberately choreographed the dance cardio to make it a bit less complicated for new participants.

The core takes center stage and is the focus of attention for four tracks, including the first abs track in the history of BODYVIVE™ to use the VIVE™ tube. Why did we wait so long, you ask!

Track 1 gets us "up 'n the groove" with some Boogie Oogie Oogie to warm the joints and lift our heart rates. A little sexy Latino flava is introduced to proceedings with a mighty mash-up of merengue and mambo in Track 3ís dance cardio.

Track 4, and itís time to get social as the cardio picks up and we "face off" on opposite sides of the room, shouting to the top through the heel raises as we lift the VIVE™ ball high.

After hitting our cardio peak with a Bad Case Of Loving You in Track 5, it's impossible to resist a smile as The Hustle takes us through a relaxing take on tai chi, inspired by the movie Kung Fu Panda.

But don't get too comfortable Ė youíve still got Track 9 to go and this is one butt track with bite! Feel that burn and focus on how gorgeous it's gonna make you.

BODYVIVE™ is a Hard Habit to Break!