BODYVIVE 19 Sizzler

BODYVIVE™ 19 is a dynamic release that kicks off with a disco-tastic Warmup and then launches straight into Pump Up The Jam, where you build heart fitness and strengthen the upper body before unleashing a surprise for the thighs.

When the pulsating beats of Feel It start playing it's time to pull out some dance-inspired cardio and get the party started. Then, after working the room during Move On Up it's straight into the pure cardio fitness of Track 5's China Grove. Here a combination of Knee Repeaters, Ponies and the Skater will get your heart pumping.

Rock With You sets the scene for a beautiful tai chi and yoga inspired recovery track and then the focus shifts to building strength and stability through the core with a new innovation, The Superman, and some hard hitting lunges.

As Track 8's Queen Of The Night plays the challenging shoulder work begins... What's more, there's the opportunity to add in some leg work by stepping out into a deep lunge at the same time.

Focusing on the hips and glutes, the Squats, Back Lifts and Side Lifts of Track 9 will help you get you the butt you've always wanted. Then it's time to strengthen the abs and shape the waistline to the R'n'B hit All Night Long.

And, just when you thought things were coming to a close... Track 11 introduces a whole new challenge; a series of Bent Over Rows, Lat Pull Downs and Push Ups that will seriously work your back and chest - and get you great results!