BODYVIVE 20 Sizzler

Welcome to a very special release of Les Mills' BODYVIVE™! This release marks the program's fifth year and you're invited to celebrate along with the BODYVIVE™ team.

This release is a bit different: it's divided into two blocks of work. The first block may be low impact but it's high on intensity, featuring interval training to boost cardio fitness. The second block is all about functional strength, using your body weight as well as a VIVE™ tube to tone and strengthen.

You'll start by warming up to a classic, Where The Streets Have No Name; here, you'll limber up your body with Hamstring Curls and Knee Repeaters as you prepare to 'get your groove on' for the first cardio track, Let's Dance. This track features a Woodchop sequence combined with Squat Pulses to ensure you work your whole body.

Track 6 sees you enter active recovery where you get to stretch out your body and re-center your focus through a series of Forward Folds and Warrior poses.

As you enter the Integrated Strength track, the BODYVIVE™ team has a surprise for you! Then it's time to focus your attention on your hips as you work them to the hot track That's Not My Name using a VIVE™ tube and a whole lot of willpower to make it through a Leg Extension sequence like no other.

Now it's time for Core and Back tracks where you complete moves that are set to strengthen and tone to get you results where they count! Featuring Hovers, Back Extensions and everyone's favorite: Pushups.

So celebrate yourself and join in the fun!