RPM 21 Sizzler

Turn and burn! The RPM catch-cry is a perfect fit for this high-octane session.

Our latest biking class is a phenomenal exercise experience with an unmatchable training effects - a combination of music and motion that gives you the look and feel of a champion cyclist and the body shape to match.

Class members will love the musical variety and the succession of biking modes as they move from 'Ride Easy' to 'Racing', 'Seated Recovery' and 'OTT' (over the top). Bikers slip into the groove with some familiar, chart-topping sounds in the early part of the ride.

Then the big beats kick in to energise a full-scale attack on the hills, mountains and mixed terrain. Work. Recovery. Work and more work. The nine tracks on RPM 21 provide plenty of cues for varying effort intensity, while you set your own personal level of pedalling power. Meanwhile, load up the resistance for great pumping sounds like Stomp!, Shakeurbody and Drunkenmunky's 'E'. RPM 21 is great for the novice and the veteran, so check out the options in our calorie-busting bike ride experience.