RPM 23 Sizzler

Riders prepare for action! This class takes you to your cardio peak and over the top on the back of some go-hard music and varied cycling terrain.

The music sets the mood in the opening track, as riders fine-tune their cycling technique. Then it's time to hit the hills and fly on the flats for the next 30 minutes. The new RPM? 'cadence ladder' gives members plenty of opportunities in tracks 2, 4 and 6 to hit hard or ease back and build speed, getting ready to attack the racing and sprint phases.

Riders start to feel the challenge of RPM 23 through DB Boulevard's Point of View and up their energy commitment for the great re-mix of the early 90's hit What's Up. Ride high on the bike if you need to or settle low to activate the calorie-burning gluteals as much as possible. The intensity increases through the rugged, driving beats of Faster, Harder, Scooter. Then it's option time again for building up or just hammering it throughout - in the Free Spin of track 6.

The mountain challenge will have the leg muscles burning and screaming for the finish and relief. And that's just what they get in the stretch.