RPM 24 Sizzler

Grab a ticket for the ride of your life - this trip takes you straight to cycling heaven. Members will love the great social feel of the class and the energy they get from the group. Instructors, too, will get a blast from teaching the ride and from the support and education resources that come with the new release. These include a session teaching the build-up phase of the RPM? "cadence ladder"

RPM 24 comes with a great mix of sounds, starting off with the driving, orchestral feel of When I Get You Alone in the pack-ride warmup and moving into the cool It's My Life for the first pace track. This is your first chance to ride the cadence ladder - building to full power before pulling back in recovery and preparing to build again.

Rolling hills and mixed terrain offer plenty of variety in the early tracks; then it's time to hammer on the flats to All the People in the World and fly to the trancy beats of Kate Ryan's smash hit, Desenchatee.

Kickin It Loud inspires an adrenaline pumping mountain climb before the pack cruises home to Drift Away and takes a well earned stretch with Dido's Life For Rent.