RPM 26 Sizzler

Bodies and minds come along for the ride as RPM 26 travels to new corners of studio cycling heaven. Great music drives a great workout to deliver RPM?'s trademark fat-burning and cardiovascular benefits, while riders also explore the "internal ride" as they find their personal cycling zone.

Meanwhile, new variations on classic riding positions add further realism to the sensation of a championship cycling experience. Cycling feels like flying in the new "aero racing" position using the central handlebars, while the "hover" spreads more work to the hams, glutes and quads.

R. Kelly's Happy People sets the wheels in motion in the warm up before the Sugababes put some pace into the mix with the upbeat Hole in the Head. Then it's time to "find the climb" as the pack heads for the hills.

Coldplay adds a new feel to the ride and Zed's take on the old Beach Boys number, Don't Worry Baby, takes the ride to 1960s California. Kadoc's juggernaut Night Train is another highlight in this classic RPM release.

As the old RPM saying goes: All aboard!