RPM 27 Sizzler

An awesome ride and much more besides - this class is full of opportunities to test your stamina, unleash your emotions and enjoy some of the best music around.

Great cycling technique is also readily achieveable, thanks to expert choreography and clear cueing for riders.

Meanwhile, choreographer Glen Ostergaard has complied a playlist full of variety and contrast to enrich the RPM? experience.

Glen gets "peleton 27" on the move with an upbeat warm-up to set up the ride - and uses the sweet rythmn of Jamiroquai's Love Foolosophy to pick up the pace in track 2.

Riders hook into the pulsing beat of New Sensation to attack the rolling hills and "let the rhythmn rule" with Safri Duo's version of the hugely dynamic Knock on Wood.

Billy Idol's Shock to the System drives riders to their ultimate power explosion, flying on the flats and either working to the max or pulling back for a brief recovery.

More speed work follows on the RPM? "cadence ladder" before the pack hits the mountain challenge with Drunkenmunky's Yeah!

Glen brings the group home to the reggae sound of Ziggely Marley's Three Little Birds and riders enjoy a rewarding stretch with a smooth tune by Kiwi songstress Brooke Fraser.

Cycling was never like this!