RPM 29 Sizzler

Filming the new class in an Auckland bicycle shop was a groundbreaking move for the programme and the first off-site filming for any Les Mills' release.

The setting also added hugely to the authenticity of the cycling experience and to communicating some of the excitement, cooperation and competition of group riding known to all Tour fans as the peleton.

Our riders (an amazing international team from New Zealand, the UK, Portugal, Australia and Japan) loved the sense of working together for a goal, leaving no one behind and completing the mission with a great sense of achievement.

They also picked up on our key message of taking the time to coach participants how to ride better, how they should feel during the ride and, above all, how to have a successful and effective RPM experience.

The new class warms up to a cruisey track from k-os before picking up the pace with a remix of Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere. Work through the group to the front of the pack, fall into line and pick up the group ahead as they head into the hills to the uplifting sound of Crazy, from Seal.

Hitting the mixed terrain has a fun and sassy feel with BodyRockers' I Like The Way - but with heaps of intensity in the short climbs and sprints. Then pick up on the hardcore sound of Kryptonite from 3 Doors Down for your personal Superman time trial.

Lose yourself in the trancey, rhythmic Why from DJ Sammy in the free spin and hook up with world-class DJ, Tiesto, as he brings out all the emotion of Barber's classic Adagio For Strings for the ultimate mountain climb.

Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten heightens the feelings of reward and achievement in the ride home.

Watch out for our bonus track five for the festive season - it's Billy Idol's Yellin' At The Christmas Tree.

Ride strong!