RPM 31 Sizzler

Ride the race of truth! This new class will help riders set their ultimate cardio challenge and emerge leaner and fitter on an incredible endorphin high. The new release offers our best ever musical selection and cutting-edge coaching that takes indoor cycling to a new level of exercise expertise.

With instructors advising recommended exertion levels throughout the trip, riders cruise through the warm-up to their first real challenge in the pace track. Kevin Lyttle's Turn Me On has the pack heading for the hills, with the upbeat finally easing the way.

RPM hits one of its all-time highlights with Speed of Sound at track 4. This Coldplay classic will be much-requested in studios around the world.

But there's more to come, as the journey continues with Rhythm Twins' Round and Round in the interval track and the trancey Underwater from Delerium accompanying a flat-out road race in the free spin. Riders come home with rock legends Santana and stretch out with a great tune from Irish band The Corrs.