RPM 33 Sizzler

A new class and a new cycling experience - this class will take you on a journey of discovery and challenge through varied virtual terrain and a diverse mix of musical styles. Riders will also get plenty of opportunity to discover their inner athlete through the mix of work, recovery and resistance that lie at the heart of RPM.

Dan and Glen have opted for an upbeat opening to the latest ride, with a fun, catchy song to help establish the connection between body and bike. The it's time to build the pace with a rock-Latin sound from Shakira with three working intervals to prepare the body for the rest of the ride. A remix of Cindy Laupers Time After Time is a familiar sound with a big, rolling beat to fuel a big effort in and out of the saddle as the pack heads to a huge cardio peak. Then we drop into active recovery with the subtle, smooth rhythm of George Michael's Amazing. The new class hits another sky-high peak with the huge sound of I Want You to Want Me - this is a big physical challenge so hook into the music to ensure success. Riders find some peace with the trancey Inspiration from Ian Van Dahl and then dig deep for that little bit extra with the extended, seven-minute Tiesto mix of Love Comes Again. The ride comes home with a great piece of music from INXS and ends, as always with a satisfying final stretch.