RPM 34 Sizzler

Music sets the pace in this great new class, where riders work and recover to a diverse mix of rhythm and sound. Teachers can dial back the coaching cues and let the music create the journey- and a life-changing fitness experience.

There's plenty of opportunity for the athlete to work to their potential - training for that upcoming road race or triathlon - and for the amateur exerciser to burn some calories, get fit and have some fun.

The pack sets off to a 70s disco sound from Scissor Sisters and extend their warmup to an upbeat take on the Boney M hit, Daddy Cool.

Riders hit the hills ready and willing in Track #3 and switch to a mix of flats and climbs to the sweet, motivational sound of Kiwi band, Evermore.

A big cover version of the INXS hit, Pretty Vegas, sets the scene for a four-interval training blast; then speed is the key as we fly to the haunting sound of the Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan.

Track #7 is one of our biggest ever in terms of sound and work and riders will love the sweet relief to follow, riding home with Santana and country star Michelle Branch and taking a final stretch with You Give Me Something - the new hit from James Morrison.