RPM 37 Sizzler

RPM 37 is a fantastic workout with a great selection of music from the old and familiar, to the new and inspirational. The theme song for this release is Turn It Up!

In this release, we focus on the three R's: Responsibility plus Resistance equals Results. Participants are urged to take ownership of their workout and give it their all to achieve optinum results.

Musically you'll enjoy the latest Maroon 5 song Makes Me Wonder, a remix of the popular Killers track When We Were Young and the instrumental Sunspot which allows you to get into your own space and recover.

Track 3 is an oldie but a goodie - the heavy beats and uplifting chorus of Underworld's Underneath the Radar really drives the workout. Bomfunk MC's Turn It Up is track 5 and here you'll find pure interval training at its best.

The club mix of Paffendorf's Welcome to Africa in track 7 is a real highlight in this release. There's a big sound with the African chanting and drums and a whole lot of energy is needed to get the most out of this track! The drive beat and pulsing lyrics really help the class reach their peak.

Get into RPM 37 and Turn It Up!

'What's Hot and What's Not in RPM' outlines how to use music pre RPM 25. There have been some important changes made to the way tracks have been choreographed in RPM over the last two years and this education session explains the changes in each track and how to manage the new training principles if older music is used.