RPM 38 Sizzler

RPM 38 is happy, uplifting, highly energetic and full of power! This release is big in terms of both music and work. Beginner riders will enjoy more options while the seasoned rider and athlete will be pushed to their limit. The concept of maximizing your time to help achieve optimum results has been highlighted in this release. You'll know what's coming up over a 50 minute period so you can take responsibility for your workout and give it your all.

The ride begins with the happy, snappy Hold On by KT Tunstall and a new sequence of work is used to warm the legs and set up a great riding technique. Track 3, True Believer, is a hugely motivating song with big contrast and big energy. Riders have to believe in themselves and this song provides inspiration to do so.

The lyrics of Airbourne's edgy Rock 'n' Roll song Runnin' Wild will help you focus on the challenge of Track 5. This is pure interval training at its best, burning maximum calories and increasing levels of fitness. The combination of Scooter and Fatman Scoop in Track 7 is priceless and you'll finish the class on a big high. This track is huge! Look out for the massive climb at the beginning of the track.

Maroon 5 bring us home with a great track - the inspiring Won't Go Home Without You.