RPM 39 Sizzler

The focus of RPM 39 is on challenging experienced participants while seducing new participants with an achievable calorie burning, endorphin high.

Watch out for the two innovations - the new climbing position the Pullback Climb, which will engage your hamstrings and butt preparing them to work hard in the saddle, and the Power Climb in Track 7. The Power Climb is like standard racing position but with a big load on and more emphasis on burning calories and increasing levels of fitness in the saddle.

There are two bonus tracks in this release to bring you the 60-minute format at its best. One of these tracks is Sarah McLachlan's Silence which is back by popular request. This is a celebratory Global Summit release and has a great mixture of tracks featuring both old familiar hits and Top 40 releases. Be driven by a huge Pink remix of Who Knew, kick-start your heart with Motley Crue and reach new levels of muscular and anaerobic intensity with the Warp Brothers.

A standout song of the release is Seal's Amazing - the cruisy trance feel automatically takes you to that internal place where you're riding solo with the music. Together we are one tribe - one pack. Everyone starts and finishes the ride together.