RPM 40 Sizzler

As always, instructors are key to delivering a life-changing RPM experience and in this release you get to focus on two things in particular. First, helping riders feel the connection between the cadences and the music. This creates the energy and drama in the class and gives you the feelings of power and joy that comes from riding to the rhythm.

Second is getting riders to reach the right level of intensity during the class by coaching them about how hard to work and for how long and how they should be feeling - especially in the short work phases out of the saddle and during recovery in the saddle.

Track 1 sets the scene with a cruisy feel. Set your participants up with the correct riding resistance at the start of the track and then coach them through the three different leg speeds.

Track 5 brings a whole new meaning to interval training - it's intense! Watch out for the preparation phase where we slow down our legs, add two big gears and jump hard out of the saddle! Load up your legs and attack hard for maximum intensity.

The Mountain Climb finishes the workout experience by taking you to the heavens above. It's a tough track, with three distinct phases, and you should encourage your riders to feel three levels of intensity working close to maximum effort each time.

Check out the great music in this release, with Seal and J Lo getting us started, a singalong Pretenders' song winding things up, and some huge uplifting songs in between.