RPM 41 Sizzler

You'll be putting the z's into sizzle - that's how hot RPM 41 is! There's a whole new approach to RPM in this release, with more precision in position, pace and resistance changes as well more variety and more connection with the music!

Right from the start, you'll know where your legs are in RPM 41. The key feature in this release is the accurate use of resistance to music - you add load until the legs slow down, and this is the load used when you ride on the beat. You?ll feel the anticipation of the class straightaway and Estelle's American Boy is the perfect track to get you going.

The difference in Track 2 is two intense one-minute efforts. This increases your heart rate, opens your lungs and starts testing the legs.

You know you're going to work hard in Track 3 when you start with a Standing Recovery! There are three summits to attack and you?ll definitely need to save effort for the last, which is a killer! Look forward to the use of the Power Climb - a seated climb, it's intensity in the saddle and brings more stability and strength.

Catch your breath to recent #1 Coldplay hit Viva La Vida but be prepared for two short sprints, again racing on the beat.

In Track 5, Simple Plan's Take My Hand provides the inspiration needed to pull out four huge efforts back to back. You'll burn maximum calories with big resistance and big gears!

There are two long phases with only one recovery in Track 6. First there's a long build-up to recovery where you build endurance speed followed by an early jump on the beat and some 30-second sprints.

There's only one way out of this release and that's going up over the mountains in Track 7. It may not be the easiest way out but it's definitely the most rewarding. Look for the magic combo of four positions where precision is the key. As the lyrics suggest, you'll most certainly want to be sent an angel to help yuo get through this track!

You're going to want to stay till the very end of this ride with Rhianna's popular hit Umbrella rounding off a massive effort!