RPM 42 Sizzler

Riding to powerful music is what RPM 42 is all about. Good Charlotte, The Killers and Billy Idol all come to the party, ensuring your riding experience is one you?re going to want to relive over and over again.

In Track 1, an ideal working resistance is established when riding on the beat. This allows you to work safely with control and it creates the workout intensity. Lighthouse Family's I Could Have Loved You envelops you as you gradually build your pace.

Then it's 'game on' in Track 2! There's a new concept in this track where you have a wind down at the end of each sprint phase. This is like sprinting through the finish line - and you never stop just on the line. The resistance is left on while the legs naturally slow to the music.

There are three blocks of work in Track 3 with the intensity governed by three things - correct use of resistance, correct use of leg speed and being in the right position at the right time. The Power Climb is intense but the driving song Right By Your Side helps get you through!

Track 4 is The Killers' hit Human which is definitely a highlight of the release. The unique drama of this track is at the foreground with a dynamic shift between the smooth feeling in the verses to the sharp acceleration onto the beat in the choruses.

The key to survival in Track 5, Billy Idol's New Future Weapon, is to know how to take rests and when to use the options. There are five big efforts - longer phases of work and shorter recoveries mean this is an incredibly powerful challenge that you will love!

Mesmerizing music from Armin Van Buuren & DJ Shah featuring Chris Jones allows you to catch your breath momentarily before entering Track 7 - the king of the mountain challenge! A remix of Cascada?s Because The Night provides the inspiration needed to reach the points of three steep ascents. Its strength endurance training and you're going for the polka-dot jersey!

After the climb, you'll have the chance to celebrate the ride and catch your breath as you flush the legs, lower the heart rate and warm down to Chris Brown and James Morrison.