RPM 45 Sizzler

RPM™ 45 is all about creating awareness of how to use resistance. This release will show you how much resistance to use, how to find it, what it feels like and what the benefits of good resistance are. You will also be coached on how to ride fast – find the working load and ride the beat!

Set off on the open road to the uplifting classic Life Is A Highway. The goal of this track is to progressively add resistance, warming up the legs and increasing the heart rate to get you ready for the interval training that’s coming up.

Your heart rate will pick up in Track 2 with three fast sprints and one small climb. Use this track to find the right working load. Turn the resistance until the legs slow to half pace – this is the working load you need to be able to ride the beat. A good load means that you will work hard and ride with control, which will make you fit faster.

Listen to the lyrics in Track 4! Take a leap of faith and close your eyes when you hit the fast sprints to All On Our Own by New Zealand band Midnight Youth. Don’t let go until you cross the finish line!

Power equals force times speed. The more resistance you use, the further distance you are going to travel and the more calories you’re going to burn. So switch on to power up! Track 5 is all about razor-sharp attacks. Don’t be fooled by the fun nature of The Prodigy’s Piranha – this is intense and you will be challenged! Quadruple resistance turns and Standing Attacks will push your heart rate through the roof.

Speed is the focus for Track 6. Increase your leg pace to this iconic RPM™ track – Bruised Water by Chicane featuring Natasha Bedingfield.

Switch from speed to strength in Track 7. Look out for the heavy Power Climbs! This is pure strength training in four short, sharp efforts to heavy rock riffs.

Recover to The Man Who Can't Be Moved from Irish band The Script. Let the heartbeat drop before stretching and lengthening your muscles to Adele’s beautiful Chasing Pavements.