RPM 47 Sizzler

Join the resistance with Ke$ha and Katy Perry at your side - RPM™ 47 is all about using the power of visualization to move mountains, while you keep focused on the 3 P's - push, pace and position.

We start fast out of the block with super-cheeky chart-topper TiK ToK. You'll recognize Track Two - it's mixed terrain and we're Waking Up In Vegas baby.

Track Three is going to build leg strength by using heavy resistance in the saddle - feel Sash!'s heavy Ecuador beat by changing into the "big chain ring" as you power your way through this Dance anthem.

In Track Six we're on the crest of a wave with a Long Way To Go as we move into Aero-Racing with DJ Sammy, then find a new love for intensity with the huge hit What Is Love 2K9 in Track Seven.With three massive peaks, it's not for the faint-hearted.

Flush out the legs and finish the ride as The Script and Jason Derulo wind things up beautifully with their soulful modern laments. Whatcha Say? We say we like it!