RPM 52 Sizzler

This release serves up a simple, athletic, intense ride that gives you time to build into your workout. It's not a ride in the park, but it does allow you to prepare - mentally and physically - for the challenges ahead.

It also takes care of new class members, teaching them how to set up their bikes for a safe, effective and comfortable ride, and providing them with options that allow them to back off if the intensity becomes too much.

Use the Pack Ride to find your comfortable Cycle SET position and focus on good technique while you warm up. Remember, the faster you cycle later, the more relaxed you need to be at this stage.

Track 2 asks you to plug in and "turn on", leading you three times round the block with short sprints and easy climbs. Try something different - slow to half pace before adding resistance; you should be able to speed up and fine-tune your dial if need be.

Three tough hills will put you under huge pressure, but you'll be on the 'right track' to building better, stronger legs and you'll have earned some recovery. But All In is a great song about commitment and it invites you to re-gather yourself for some speed work in the form of three sharp sprints.

The intensity rises again with five blocks of intervals as you break up the bunch and get your heart pounding almost out of its chest. You'll get your chance to flush out the lactic acid, and then you'll accelerate into long sprints before regrouping and heading into the mountains.

This epic track will give you three chances to Discover new thresholds of strength and fitness. It's hard work, but it's worth it.

The Ride Home provides a chance to recover and celebrate. You start together, you finish together, with a recovery track that perfectly sums up RPM™ - it's all about Science & Faith.

You made it home - great job!