Welcome to the NEW LOOK of Totally Les Mills!
By Mel Huikeshoven
Published: May 8, 2009

We hope you will find this new website layout easier to access, since we had a lot of feedback on the old site that the tracklists were too difficult to navigate.

So the tracklists are now driven by a database with new search option that, as far as we know, is not available on any other tracklist site! initially it will have basic search functionality and features and won't include the sizzlers and all the other information you're used to, but extra features will be added progressively. The fact that it's now using a database means the possibilities are endless to what we can do with the tracklists and we are currently working on some ideas that we can bring to you.

I think people will find the new search facility very useful, as you will have the option to limit the search to one program, or search across all programs, search by song or by artist. This makes it easier to search for the song you want to find.

In the near future we would also like to implement a search feature based on track times, eg. finding the shortest track, longest track etc. But it may be difficult to find the track times for all past releases, so if you have the track times for releases (especially old releases and releases I don't teach - RPM, step, vive and jam) it would be very appreciated! 

We're also looking for the track formats for all programs, old formats, new formats.........BODYJAM is going to be a pain to do with all the new "block" formats. Please email it to me if you've got it!