By Les Mills International
Published: March 23, 2008


We have recently become aware of a number of posts on our and other online forums regarding the sale of Les Millsí instructor resources on eBay and other similar online auction sites.

The official position is this.All Les Mills instructor resources (music, videos, choreo notes) are sold on the basis that they can only be used by Les Millsí licensed instructors, for performing Les Millsí group fitness classes in licensed facilities only.They cannot be resold.This is clearly stated on the back of the packaging of the choreography kits and on the DVD contained in the package.

Les Millsí instructor agreements contain restrictions with respect to reselling Les Mills instructor resources, which all instructors should be familiar with. Selling Les Millsí instructor resources is a breach of the instructor agreement and could result in the temporary or permanent suspension of an instructorís certification.

Where would-be sellers are not Les Mills instructors, the wording of our copyright notices (including the words NOT FOR RESALE (which appear in two separate places on the reverse of the kit packaging, on the inside cover of the kit, on the DVD and CD)) clearly put people on notice that the instructor resources are provided to instructors for a particular purpose and that any resale of Les Mills' instructor resources is unauthorised.

Therefore, Les Mills and its distributors will request eBay to remove any Les Mills instructor resources we become aware of.We hope this clarifies our position with respect to the sale of Les Millsí instructor resources.